Furniture is an important part of our daily life, used for sitting, dining, working and pleasure. All too often, however, it takes on a stereotypical role and is always experienced the same way, never overstepping its boundaries.

It was with this perspective in mind that I designed the Out Of Line collection. I combined my role as an interior and product designer to come up with something out of the ordinary, Out Of Line.

Why should a table be square, rectangular, oval or round?

Probably because we are used to those shapes. So Out Of Line has introduced an out-of-the-ordinary furniture concept. With a deliberate choice of materials, this collection creates a sculptural identity for the room, reinforcing the surrounding interior with gentle contours.

Since the launch of our dining tables, we have welcomed other exceptional items to our collection such as a side table, console, bench and more novelties. With their unique, organic shapes, all these pieces create an unexpected but extremely surprising experience. We have not just designed furniture; we have made art that you can use every day for the rest of your life. Whether it is to eat, work, play or create memories.

Welcome to my world.